A sustainable future for the industry and the planet

From Single-Use Plastic Waste to Circular Products

Million tonnes of fresh fruits are shipped yearly in single-use transport plastic recipients. Recycling them can save up to 80% of the CO2 emissions needed to produce virgin plastic. With 44 million PP trays imported into Europe annually, we could save 38,5 million tonnes of CO2, our market.

We will make new circular products to give new life to recycled plastic for the fresh fruit industry.

  • We help companies to take further steps to achieve sustainability by giving new life to their recycled plastic.

  • With Research and Development at the core of our business, we turn recovered plastic into new circular products, from it's design until the development of new materials, for 3D aplications. Whether it is a windmill blade, a designer’s chair, or a pair of beautiful sunglasses, we turn our plastic into your company’s desired product.

Cutting-Edge technology to give waste a new life

  • Sustainable from the beginning until the end.

  • We want to track the plastic from the source to whatever new shape might become.

  • We can achieve full traceability by issuing blockchain software.

  • We can also support our providers with emission accountability, Carbon Neutrality certificates for the transport and the issuance of No Waste Certificates.

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